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  1. Asus RealBench Stress Test Mini Screen Freezes i7-8700k, Maximus X Hero

    Motherboard: Asus Maximus X Hero
    CPU: i7-8700k@5.0GHz manual 1.26v (1.296V under stress test). VCCIO manual 1.0V (1.048V under stress test), VCSSA manual 1.1V (1.156V under stress test). ...
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    I ordered new PG279Q monitor recently from Amazon...

    I ordered new PG279Q monitor recently from Amazon too and everything that you listed was exactly the same in my case, so I guess it might be standard procedure?

    It has some bleeding so I am not...
  3. PG279Q BLB / IPS Glow / Clouding acceptable?

    Hi, I have just purchased new PG279Q monitor from Amazon and was wondering if the amount of BLB / Glow I have is acceptable or should I ask for replacement. Also is it better to ask Amazon for...
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