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    Problem ive got its hard tube :( So theres no...

    Problem ive got its hard tube :(

    So theres no way to lift them off the board :(

    Im going to have to drain the loop to take them out.

    Pretty much same layout as the pic below.
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    Just read this, i assume its why its not showing...

    Just read this, i assume its why its not showing up ?

    From manual
    "28 lane cpus do not support pcie 8_4 and m.2_2(dimm.2)"

    I guess i will have to put it in the m.2 slot under the gpus, this is...
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    Asus X299 Extreme Dimm.2 Support 2x Drives

    Hi All

    Ive been using the Asus X299 extreme with the Dimm.2 riser and one samsung evo M.2 Drive

    Now i bought a second M.2 drive today just for extra storage, ive put it in the second dimm.2 M.2...
  4. That is also my thought, im taking both parts...

    That is also my thought, im taking both parts back to scan on Saturday, they said they will test both parts to see whats to blame, to be honest ive already messages asus about the board on facebook,...
  5. Asus Extreme Edition 10 x99 Possible RMA needed

    Hi all.

    So as far as i can tell my motherboard has died :(

    I have done all the obvious tests (below) and everything points to the motherboard.

    Reset Bios
    Taken out GPUs
    Taken out memory
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    RMA Questions - Not Happy

    Hi everyone.

    So Ive recently had a bios issue with my Rampage V Extreme and had to RMA the board around 1 week ago.

    In the meantime I purchased the new Rampage V Edition 10 with the new i7...
  7. 290

    So I assume my cache voltage is maybe a little low 1.15? and my cpu voltage maybe too high?
  8. Thanks

    Ah damn didn't find that thread when I looked about the stuck plastic, will have to try my card to get the rest out ;)

    I guess i better order a fan molex connector, with PWM control.

    Do you...
  9. Rampage V Extreme - Edition 10 - Issues & Overclocking

    Hi Everyone

    So ive just upgraded from my Rampage V as I had bios issues (Need to RMA)

    I now have the Rampage V Extreme 10 with the 6850K and so far the board itself is rock solid very happy :D...
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    Thanks for your reply, So basically you would...

    Thanks for your reply, So basically you would advise doing the following,

    Turn PC off, Clear CMOS with the clear CMOS button on the back, then flash with 2101 then clear CMOS again, then Flash a...
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    Board unstable and wont run at stock :(

    Hi Everyone.

    Really need some advice as after 2 days of struggling im stuck.

    So I was running bios 2101 rock solid since it came out with the overclock settings below.

    CPU - 5930k...
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