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  1. PSU/HDD cage cover that fits a corsair 760t.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a cover that would fit in my corsair 760t case. I'm hoping to find one that will cover both the PSU and hard drive cage. Anyone know where I can get this? Pls point me in...
  2. Improvements

    So after My Clear misunderstanding of what was going on. I Reran Auto Tune under extreme OC. I took note on the CPU Bus Frequency and when it changed to 216 that is when the computer reset. However...
  3. Well, I tried using auto tune after putting my...

    Well, I tried using auto tune after putting my bios back to default. It didn't even get to 4.1 before the computer shut down. I've heard auto tune is crap but it would have at least have given me...
  4. Lose Network Connection when overclocking on Crosshair V Formula-Z

    Following this guide

    I overclocked my CPU to 4.8, I did change my DRAM selection from his...
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    Sticky: Hi, I'm Jeremy I've been building custom...

    Hi, I'm Jeremy

    I've been building custom computers since 2009. The first Build included ROG's original Crosshair Motherboard. I fell in love with it and other Asus products so I continued to build...
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