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  1. All better

    The new GPU (plugging in 12 GB of GPU memory) seems to have fixed it so the PCI bus no longer gets blocked up, stopping NVMe access.
    (Which I still assume might be the problem.)

    She can now both...
  2. I have a vague theory that the difference between...

    I have a vague theory that the difference between warm and cold boot could be caused by the GPU. A dummy I am using until the real one arrive.
    One difference between warm/cold boots is likely that...
  3. Eliminated USB Power from issue

    I took the fact that the display is USB powered out of the loop by powering it from a dummy USB 5V source, unrelated to the system.
    Made no difference at all.. BIOS still thinks there is a problem...
  4. Really Odd boot problem with sidepanel status display attached

    Just finished a new build with Zenith II Alpha.
    Boots off an NVMe drive.
    Everything perfect at first.

    Then I attached a 7" sidepanel display (runs AIDA64 sidepanel). Attached via display-port...
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