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  1. Any help please ?

    Any help please ?
  2. Asus Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) - W_PUMP+ setting fault


    I'm using Asus Maximus XI Hero - Wifi - Bios update to latest 0805. My custom loop using EK D5 - PWM, i connect to mobo with W_PUMP+.

    Btw i cant edit/change any value on Water pump...
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    Hello. What's bios version do you use? I...

    Hello. What's bios version do you use?

    I update to 0805 .. but cant change value.
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    ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H

    I didnt notice this motherboard dont have Aura Sync on logo, only .. red light.

    Please tell me any mod on this motherboard logo has RGB sync like Z390-E ... ? Instead of sell and buy new Z390-E...
  5. I want to power up my external 5m 5050 led with...

    I want to power up my external 5m 5050 led with your "tech" but not success :(

    slipt RGB from mobo and 12v from PSU but external led not light up.

    My mobo is maximus ix fomula.
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    Asus Strix Gtx 980Ti GPU Fanspeed 0


    I setup my rig with Asus strix gtx 980Ti, Window 10 64bit, Nvidia 361.43 and GPU Tweak II 1.1.69 But i see GPU Fan Speed only 0 :(

    So, what problem with my card :((
  7. i7 4790k + asus maximus vii hero + dual ram or quad ram


    I want to build new my pc :). I had i7 - 4790k and Asus Maximus VII hero. I need help about RAM and OC ..ram.

    1. I want to get Dominator Platium 16Gb (4x4) 2800C11, so i can OC to 2800 with...
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