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  1. New Rig question Asus Prime X-370 Pro [RAM]

    Total newbie question.

    System Specs
    Motherboard: Asus Prime X-370 Pro
    Processor: Ryzen 7 1700x 8-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) Model F4-3000C15D-32GVR...
  2. OC'ing question for a newbie (Please Advised)

    Please delete thread
  3. I had to completely remove AI Suite because I was...

    I had to completely remove AI Suite because I was immediately getting black screen freezes and computer lock ups. I have the Asus Prime X-370 Pro. Tech support said that they were sorry and they...
  4. Same issue here

    I used the tool AI Suite Removal. As soon as I click it. I get the warning do I want to run exe (of course). It flashes and doesn't do anything. Upon restart I get like no joke 20 popup errors saying...
  5. Thank You!

    Thanks Arne for the tips on your thread. Will implement them immediately.
  6. Newbie question about reinstallation of Win 10

    For all of you who have your computers installed with Windows 10.

    I see all over this forum that when someone is having problems with there motherboard because of the latest updates to the AI...
  7. New Install of AI Suite 3 then BSOD

    Was having issues with AI Suite before at least I think it was that. So I started my new build over. Reset Bios [3803 version], fresh install of Win 10. Then installed driver in chunks of 2 new...
  8. Questions about New build Asus Prime X-370 Pro

    delete answer from tech support
  9. Replies

    Sticky: Hello Everyone!


    Just wanted to say hi and that I am a newbie in regards to installs. I just did one myself. All went good until I got the BCOD randomly. So this past weekend I started over. One piece of...
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