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  1. Thank you so much for the response, this was...

    Thank you so much for the response, this was really helpful! Also I didn't understand the last line, did you mean they would change the paste under warranty?
    And should I re-paste it? I'm unsure if...
  2. ASUS Zephyrus M (2019) Temps too high? [GU502GU]

    My CPU temps are reaching 92-97C for some reason at idle.
    My fan speed is max. in manual mode at 123% and 119 % for the cpu and gpu respectively (8800-9000 RPM)
    I tried GPU mining somewhere around...
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    Undervolting Help [BIOS 309] [ASUS GU502GU]

    I have a Asus Zephyrus M GU502GU. My CPU temps in armoury crate have been hitting 95 the moment it goes on turbo (high performance mode) and my laptop has been overheating a lot. I have cleaned the...
  4. Lost GPU and GPU Memory Overclock in Armoury crate [GU502GU

    I had some issues with my laptop regarding armoury crate, so after a reset it fixed, the CPU stats which werent showing previously started to work, but now I still don't have my GPU overclock and...
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