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  1. Update for the firmware v3.


    After posting the issue on the forum Asus released a new version of the firmware for GT-AC5300.

    The latest version today is
  2. I continue chatting with Asus Global Support...

    I continue chatting with Asus Global Support about my case. You can follow our correspondence here:
  3. GT-AC5300 (FW drops off 2.4 GHz band frequently

    My GT-AC5300 emits unstable 2.4 GHz signals. I cannot say whether it's a hardware defect or an issue with firmware (I've updated to the latest one: The signal from the router...
  4. Sticky: GT-AC5300_3.0.0.4_384_81686 frequent dropoffs in 2.4 GHz band

    I'm not sure if it's related to firmware issue or there is some defects in hardware. I've just started using GT-AC5300 and figured out that it frequently drops 2.4 GHz signals. I've tried different...
  5. Replies

    Sticky: Hello everyone

    I'm glad to join the forum. I would like to be able not only read but also ask questions and contribute.

    I'm an owner of RT-AC86U and GT-AC5300.

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