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    Replacement card for G75VX

    I need to replace my current wireless card (2.4 only) and add one that supports 5 GHz. Does anyone have any recommendation?

    G75VX, running W10 Pro
  2. Keyboard replacement guide request for ROG G75VX

    Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA. I need to replace the keyboard of my ROG G75VX and I am looking for help. Does anyone have a good, reliable how-to (text or video) that I could use?
    Thanks in advance...
  3. [QUOTE=cl-Albert;685108]Welcome to the forums! ...

    [QUOTE=cl-Albert;685108]Welcome to the forums!

    In the past there seem to be more customers reporting that they couldn't get audio through HDMI , so seems a little ironic you want the opposite...
  4. No sound control over HDMI using keyboard shortcuts (FN keys) on G75VX W7

    I could really need some help. I use my laptop mostly for teaching these days, connecting to a large HDTV with HDMI. As soon as I do, I loose all sound controls (sound is there) with keyboard (FN...
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