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    Sticky: 38970 Over...


    Over clocked
    System Information
    Time of this report: 7/16/2014,...
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    Cooled by Corsair H110
    AMD Gamers ram 2400...
    AMD Radeon R9 280 Gigabyte
  4. AMD Gamer Series Ram 2400
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    good luck with RMA...

    good luck with RMA
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    look for the fix
  7. I am having the same problem with my board but...

    I am having the same problem with my board but RMA has listed it as damaged...

    here is more about the Nic error
  9. tech support

    Tech support is working it out, that is what the last tech said to me. He said they are going to try to get a waiver because it does not look like something somone did.... he said there was no other...
  10. tech support

    Just got off the phone with tech support they said the board is not booting and it looks like somone stabbed it with a screw driver and that there is no way i did it (his words) they said they are...
  11. first email to tech

    If I caused the damage to the board I would not have tried to fix it or install fixes or install the new bios

    the emails were sent over a week+ i will post dates later they are all stored in my...
  12. RMA did this


    Looks like they tried to fix it or pull the chip .
    It was running good did alot of bench testing I should have just kept my network card in it and not sent it in
    I filled a complaint...
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    they broke it

    **Please do not respond to this email. For any inquiries, please contact ASUS Product Support at or 812-282-2787**

    Dear Mr. Maltais,

    Your RMA has been received;...
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    Before you RMA take a picture they break it

    Before you send in your RMA take a a few pictures they will break it and say it was damaged.
  15. update

    Duplicate post delete me
    i put it all in the first post
  16. Asus RMA reported board is Damaged after they had it for 11+ days

    The board worked good when I sent it in just not the network interface controller
  17. The board worked but not the lan card

    Duplicate post deleted me
  18. LAN NVM configuration corrupted

    Duplicate post delete me
  19. LAN NVM configuration corrupted Thunderbolt version


    Remove your Thunderbolt card and check your systems Lan card it may be defective
  20. Defective mainboard Lan card check your Thunderbolt version

    on boot up i get Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started. LAN NVM
    configuration corrupted or has not been initialized. The BOOT Agent cannot continue

    With out using the...
  21. RMA Repair fee is 120$

    What is the wholesale price for a crosshair formula V board?
    newegg has retail for 220$

    Should I have to pay 168$ for repaired...
  22. Crosshair V Formula Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started

    Duplicate post delete me
  23. Crosshair V Formula Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started help

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    Sent : 5/28/2012 7:18:54 PM
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    Subject : RE: <RMA> Motherboard Crosshair V Formula


    Just checking...
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