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  1. Thanks!

    Thanks! I like Saint's Row series too. I hope this combination could be better, especially the story and the gameplay.
  2. Great!

    Thank you for your complement!

    Yeah, that would be very very interesting. I think that the story would be rich too with that hacking technology.
    Maybe the protagonist could win a international...
  3. Agree!

    Thanks! Yeah i'm agree with you. School theme with open world style for example maybe the protagonist can travel to the other schools or campus as well.
  4. Bully Scholarship Edition and Watch Dogs 2

    Here's why :

    1. Cyberbullying parody? Sounds very amusing game indeed. :cool:
    2. With 'Bully' good mix of missions and "Watch Dogs 2" versatile hacking themed gameplay, it would be perfect.
  5. Replies

    Sticky: Greetings all

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Faris, from Indonesia. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies.
    I'm ready to learn things even small details from the disucssion here.

    Best regards,
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