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  1. Cannot get into Bios after adding a bios password

    I have the strangest problem. I was adding an M.2 SSD. Options in the bios to change the SATA controller were greyed out. I thought it was an bios admin thing, so I added a password - just 1 2 3...
  2. Can G20CB take 7th gen Intel CPUs after bios Update 2202 (July 23, 2018)?

    Title says it all. I was wondering if, since the last bios update on July 23, 2018, anyone attempted to install a 7th gen chip like the I7-7700 in the G20CB. Thanks!
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    Reviving this thread. Is disabling the SATA...

    Reviving this thread. Is disabling the SATA controller necessary to install a NVME drive larger than 250 mb? Anyone figure out what the exact issue is?
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