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  1. Is RCA-AUX Adapter into rear I/O Line In safe?

    I'm looking into whether or not there's any scenario in which using RCA/Aux adapter to rear I/O Line in would be dangerous for the motherboard or anything attached to it. For example I wonder if I...
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    Sticky: Noob here

    Hi ROG forum, new to PC building and the forum. Wanted a Prime x570 to stay closer to budget but didn't wanna wait so here I am with a shiny new ROG :cool:

    Strix x570 e
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x...
  3. So just to confirm for others in the same...

    So just to confirm for others in the same situation, PSU connected to CPU power looks like [(88)][88(88)] where the [88] is a 4pin and [8888] is an 8pin, and (88) are the inserted 4pin connectors...
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