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  1. Hi Richard, you should follow the format of...


    Richard, you should follow the format of reporting so that the admin staff can help you.
  2. YES Im having the same problem,,, but im not that...

    YES Im having the same problem,,, but im not that concern about it. Now that you mentioned ill see what happens.
  3. Rog pugio making aura sync crash/stopped working


    ROG PUGIO is causing aura sync to crash and not working when i sync pugio specifically when using rainbow/gradient effects., but whenever i unsync it, aura sync works perfectly.

    i have the...
  4. Armoury

    Hi - armoury software version is - 1.02.24
    - Pugio firmware 0149
  5. Further experimentation

    with the issue above,

    i made a bit of experiment. this is what i did. SINCE it happens on gradient effects most of the time i use this effect for experiment. ARMOURY OFF

    -unsync every device...
  6. This is my exact problem, although it wont happen...

    This is my exact problem, although it wont happen if you un-sync your ROG mouse. ill still wait for ASUS to fix this, still loving the products.
  7. [QUOTE=Gofran;691257] Yes i think only...

    Yes i think only spatha is optimize to work with aura, coz i tried 2 pugio already and still the same problem. last update of firmware for pugio is july. i think that is the prob.
  8. [QUOTE=AkaNe@Asus;691153]Thanks AlexGS. ...

    [QUOTE=AkaNe@Asus;691153]Thanks AlexGS.

    Have you tried the 1.05.28?

    I previously reported your case for trying to replicate but we weren't able to. Do you have any other software that...
  9. Still the same since 1.05.25

    Just copy pasted from my last report.

    the problem is somewhat ALL AURA EFFECT w/ Gradient settings suddenly will stop AURA from working while Playing GAMES. ill be stuck in the present colour...
  10. Same


    I have the same issue, i realised that when you unsync the mouse, this problem wont happen. i think theres something wrong with syncing ROG mouse thru AURA sync.
  11. Replies


    Sorry i wasnt clear on my question, my controller that im talking about is the free Coolermaster FAN PRO RGB controller.
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    RGB Header

    If you connect the rgb controller to the RGB header can AURA sync control that controller?

    i was planning on connecting some RGB fans to the RGB controller, i was wondering if can still control...
  13. Aura Stopped working/hang while playing Games

    I was really excited about this update. i thought it'll fix my previous problem but it is still the same.

    the problem is somewhat ALL AURA EFFECT w/ Gradient settings suddenly will stop AURA...
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    Hi, I have the same problem. it happens to all...

    Hi, I have the same problem. it happens to all effect with gradient/color cycle effect.
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    AURA RGB Stopped working


    I got updated bios, aura software etc... everything is updated.

    just happens that when im using aura settings like rainbow, comet , flash and drive, those effects that has blinking effect...
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    Sticky: New member

    Hi everyone,

    Im flint018, a big ROG fan, im into gaming particularly MOBA, i have no knowledge on OCing hardware but starting to learn and read stuff, thru this community i hope to learn alot....
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    Thanks for the help

    very much appreaciated.
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    Sound Drivers?

    Hi Guys

    So im a new ROGER.

    I was just wondering what soundcard driver do i need to install? im pretty confuse please enlighten me.

    please indicate which is necessary for gaming heres my...
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    Battery Indicator

    I know this is a dumb question... how will you know if the headset battery is full. and can anyone say to me the led color indicator stands for?

    red for?
    blue for?
    purple for?
    orange for?
  20. Same Here

    I had the same problem with RX 580 8GB TOP, seems like the GPU fan is not optimize yet overclocking software, stuck with AMD software.
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    Aura Sync not working properly


    i have a problem, whenever i play games theres always a time that my aura sync wont work and just gonna stuck in the last color.

    then i try to reset the aura sync other light will work but...
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