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    Connect the pump power cable to the CPU_FAN header on your motherboard. Connect the fans to the two connectors coming off the pump. this is from the manual on corsair web site - Link >...
  2. Errors at start

    Don't know about the first part.

    The error messages :- try unchecking minimize at start setting in GPUTweaker II then reboot and see if the error messages are gone.
  3. this may help

    I am using AMD raid 0 while I am typing this which is also supposed to support Raid1

    This is the board

    Here are the...
  4. Errors

    I 'm not sure if I can help but I went through a lot of this in the past week. Same error messages in GPUT and Alsuite3. I am now at the point where I believe everything is working as intended. These...
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    Sticky: Introduction

    Hello my name is John, I just enjoy messing with my PC trying to keep it upgraded. The ROG branded stuff has been fun but sometimes a mystery. This site has helped me a quite a bit in the past and...
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