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  1. 12 Pin motherboard with 2 8 pin power cables??

    Hi there

    I just bought a load of new hardware and am halfway through my build.

    My new motherboard is the ROG Maximus XI Code and it has 12 pins on it for power.*
    My PSU is an EVGA Supernova...
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    CPU temp too high??

    Hi there,

    My bios is saying my i7 8700k is sat at 1.040w is this not really high? Just cleared the cmos to trouble shoot some issues and this is when I noticed it. I checked some photos of the...
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    Z370 F Motherboard Issues

    Hi there,

    My first post here!
    Not sure where to post this as it covers a few problems at once..maybe they are related..

    Ok, so i have a few problems with my first build. I built it in December...
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