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  1. Bios 810?

    Hi guys,
    how about bios 810 ? Does it help with temperature issue or is 9001 still needed? Did u try?

  2. It Works!

    Hey man, it works! I can finally see temperature in windows :). I see there is the Sense MI skew option in AI Tweaker ... that was the trick :) ?

    I would like to pay u a beer !

    TY !

  3. Replies


    +1 ... cannot run my RAMs on their XMP profile and I have the temperature bug too (0C in my case)... setting the CPU 1.80V Voltage to 1.90V somehow moves the temperature but it's not ok ... I would...
  4. Any help from ASUS?

    Well it runs at 2800 now but thats not what bothers me .... I would like to get some opinion from ASUS guys, just to know if it is faulty CPU/MB so I can RMA or if it is some known bug in BIOS and...
  5. OC didn't help

    So I tried cmos thing ... no help, tried OC thing (TPU1, Fast) ... also no help (just ratio went to 3,6GHz) ...

    I'm starting to think it has something to do with RAMs ... We both have corsairs...
  6. Well I admire your bravery ... i don't want to OC...

    Well I admire your bravery ... i don't want to OC cpu that doesn't show temperature :D ... especially not by some automatic software which heavily relies on it :).

    Strange thing is, that HWInfo...
  7. Hi, I have very similar behavior. Cpu temp is...

    Hi, I have very similar behavior.

    Cpu temp is always 0C unless BIOS starts in safe mode (i.e. unstable ram settings, so it wont boot up) - then in bios is correct CPU temp. I also get some...
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