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    RT-AX86U "Internet status: disconnected"

    After six months of flawless performance on fiber, my internet went out overnight. Says "Internet status: disconnected" even though I haven't changed a thing in months. Oddly, performance is still...
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    It worked!! Thank you! I hadn't tried unplugging...

    It worked!! Thank you! I hadn't tried unplugging the PSU and switching it off physically, just shut down / restart. Now I need to get my blood pressure back down. Thanks again!
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    Did brown out just kill my CPU?!

    Just had a quick flash brown out during storm. My otherwise perfect PC of just over a year, running an i9 chip on Asus ROG Maximus XII, seems instantly damaged. Still running with RAM RGB lights and...
  4. I just downloaded Intel's 22.0.0 driver and...

    I just downloaded Intel's 22.0.0 driver and installed it. Run as administrator (always). Yet, same thing. No bluetooth in task bar, no bluetooth settings available, no bluetooth in devices/drivers.
  5. Maximus XII Formula - cannot enable Bluetooth

    Specs in manual say this mobo will be BT 5.1 capable with Windows 10 build 19041 or later (which mine is). However, I when I try to install the Asus driver for Bluetooth, the install just runs a...
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