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  2. 3D print file of A piece of ROG Strix Fusion Headset

    A piece of ROG Strix Fusion 700,500,300 and maybe more headphones for 3D printing is provided to you, my ROG friends for free :D
    Hopefully one day Asus will fully support its customers and provide...
  3. Request to upload 3D print file of replacement parts for ROG products

    A part of my headphone ROG Strix Fusion 700 is broken and this part is not on the market at all. Please send it if a 3D file is available.
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    ARMOURY CRATE 2.5.8 Issues in PC

    Hello, and how are you guys?

    1. Unfortunately, the ARMOURY CRATE Updates section is in trouble. And you can't access the HTML settings of the motherboard and headphones.
    2. It is also not...
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