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  1. graphics card and motherboard don't sync up with same colors using Aura

    Okay I previouslly had Aura v 1.0.6 and rgb worked on motherboard but didn't sync with ROG Strix Gaming 1660 Ti OC.
    So I installed recent version 1.0.7 and after reboot only card was getting RGB...
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    Sticky: Installed it and totally f..d up my system,my...

    Installed it and totally f..d up my system,my maximus viii formula board didn't light up and I couldn't unmount external usb devies.
    Guys from Asus need to resolve this asap...
  3. Asus 1660 TI Strix OC issue with weird sound coming out of it

    bought this card for 350 euros,didn't work like few days,and started to make weird sound which is audiable in the video.
    I mean Strix cards are the most expensive cards even compared to...
  4. Nope it didn't work...turned off fast start...

    Nope it didn't work...turned off fast start up,after shutdown keyboard lights up when I click on it.
    Either mouse lights up or keyboard depends on the usb port where is plugged in.
  5. ooh ok.thx,will try tommorow. how do I disable...

    ooh ok.thx,will try tommorow.
    how do I disable fast startup,is it in BIOS?
    So this issue doesn't have nothing to do with S4 S5 and ErP option?
  6. is that the cause of this issue or this,some guy...

    is that the cause of this issue or this,some guy from other form wrote me this:
    go into bios, search for erp and enable S4+S5
    I really don't want to command each time just disable...
  7. mouse is ON,when PC turned off (Asus Rampage V Extreme)

    Hellow guys.
    Well I just noticed when I turn off PC and click the mouse it lights up so obviously somehow is getting current from USB.
    How can I disable this,without switching off PSU?
    The MB is...
  8. asus rampage v extreme ROG effects lightning while PC is off

    Well I noticed strange thing.As you can see start,and reset button are lightning and ROG logo blinks,while clear cmos button lights up too.
    How can I switch this off (it's my OCD lol)
    Is this...
  9. should I enable XMP on Asus Rampage V Extreme with Xeon

    Currently my 2666MHz RAM works at 1866MHz probably cuz of CPU limitation ,Xeon E5-2640 V3.
    I set target DRAM frequency to 2666MHz which is default by memory modules of Corsair but then MB didn't...
  10. RTX 2060 Advanced vs OC,difference please?

    I went through googling about this card, but I did not manage to find anything about it even on youtube, so I have no idea how good cooling performance is, how much different is compared to OC...
  11. I've read manual here it says: the m.2 shares...

    I've read manual here it says:
    the m.2 shares bandwith with SATA Express 1 Slot.
    I have some devices hooked up on SATA Express slots but not the first 2 on the left side (downside) of the board....
  12. nvme installation and if sata ports will be disabled or loose performance of nvme?

    I've purchased 970 evo plus and want to install it.
    Since I have used 5 of sata ports (3 HDD,1 SSD and 1 for optical DVD-ROM) I need to know if any of those ports will be disabled,or if I will loose...
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