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  1. Updated keyboard with ROGKBFWUpdateTool_v224.exe...

    Updated keyboard with ROGKBFWUpdateTool_v224.exe after install all went to rainbow mode, worked fine for a minute or so and then the same issue happened. Updated BIOS with ASUS_G731GW_308_Installer 4...
  2. As I was typing previous message light switched...

    As I was typing previous message light switched to side white and corner went to baby blue.
  3. Asus ROG Strix Scar III G731GW Laptop light zone issue.

    Hello everyone.
    So today I started getting a seriously annoying issue with my laptop Aura. No matter what I do, what color do I choose, even if I disable aura my left side LED's are blue and corner...
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    Asus G551JW Audio problems. (One side)

    Hey guys!
    So I'm having this really anoying issue with my G551JW. I only get sound in one side of my headphones.
    Tried a few different headsets and headphones. (Razer Kraken Pro, Samsung Galaxy S7...
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