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  1. they come with windows insider update see picture...

    they come with windows insider update see picture above last update desc.
  2. how to backup or share bios

    OK i get it windows insider!!! have bios 307!!!!!!!!!!
  3. here this is my evidence

    PS. I think I accident go with windows insider program on win 10 home they need to restart 1 time before go in windows my notebook auto bios update and...
  4. 307 now live

    Hi All
    Asus Gl504GS 307 now live
    I notice asus with 306 bios auto update to 307 yesterday please check

  5. alternative method

    Hi I have same GL504GS with upgrade 16x2 2666 Ram stick for dual channel usage
    about temp I found solution about how to slow fanspeed but this method will not fix all case anyway:p
    First I monitor...
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