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  1. G20AJ Radeon 7950 install (stable), F.Y.I for others....?

    So after much cursing I have a stable non-recommended gpu installed in my G20AJ. (MSI Radeon R7950)

    I stress the non-recommended as by doing this, your on your own as far as ASUS is concerned,...
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    The 230 watt should not occupy both ports?

    I have a G20AJ and my 230watt power block (admittedly not an ASUS branded one by the looks of it), only occupies a single power socket, with an extra socket available for the 180watt branded ASUS...
  3. G20AJ fitted R7950 boots but shuts down on load.

    Hi Guys.

    I have scoured the web and thus far tried three different jumper settings.

    I have both 230watt and 180watt psui's plugged in although it seems to make no difference with the 180 watt...
  4. ROG G20AJ Upgrade(?) from GTX750 to R7950 settings ?


    I have just purchased an MSI R7950 which I plan to install in leu of GTX 750, please could you advise if I need to change any switches on m/b and if so which ones ?

    Many thanks.

  5. Thread: Aegis

    by nig451964



    Has anyone ever had much success with that Aegis gizmo they bundle with the G20AJ ,, because I have not.

    The help screen taunts me with possibilities of fan control etc, yet when I load...
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    I remember using an older version of OSX Snow...

    I remember using an older version of OSX Snow Leopard on an older pc and really quite enjoying the change. I am a tinkerer, so I guess it keeps me occupied for a bit.

    I have a separate ssd in...
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    ROG G20AJ Alternate OS


    Does anyone have any experience with installing alternative OS onto these units please ?

    I seem to remember there being some difficulty due to unique way that the hardware polls during boot...
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    Ditto, I have had mine for a couple of weeks and...

    Ditto, I have had mine for a couple of weeks and it does the same..
  9. Success!!!

    Eventually !!! thanks for help !
  10. Turns out I was using windows 10 key, still...

    Turns out I was using windows 10 key, still failed on 8.1 key extracted with MS help, I have one further trick up my sleeve ...
  11. Hello again thank you for replying, I followed...

    Hello again thank you for replying, I followed your instructions and downloaded the Windows 8 core, popped it onto a usb stick using the windows installer.

    When I boot from the USB stick it asks...
  12. Thank you for your reply. I do not have a copy of...

    Thank you for your reply. I do not have a copy of windows 8.1 otherwise I would install it? Is there somewhere I can download it legally?
  13. OK, having no replies, here is what I have...

    OK, having no replies, here is what I have decided to do.
    . transferring windows from HDD to ssd was a nightmare, whilst technically possible I don't think its worth the hassle.
    I have a licences...
  14. G20AJ - Inseted SSD, advice needed re: setting to boot and recovery please.

    So, thanks for the advice so far people.

    After (A LOT) of fiddling around, cursing, re-reading G20 Overhaul thread I have my Samsung 840 EVO installed in pc.

    It's recognised in the BIOS and on...
  15. Thanks for your replies. It's been a little...

    Thanks for your replies.

    It's been a little while since I last played with the insides of pcs so please could I ask you to explain please :

    I quote "Remember using a SATA HDD as a permanently...
  16. Oky doky, so no changes to BIOS ?

    Oky doky, I have a 3.5" USB 3 External Chassis somewhere under the stairs, does this mean then I wont need to mess about with the BIOS then ?
  17. Re: SSD SATA


    I would like to use the SSD just for OS and have the HDD for data ?, I understand that there are two sata ports and I have an extra sata cable in the box?. Would that be possible ?
  18. BIOS + Booting from SSD

    Thanks for replying so quick !,

    I am contemplating doing the installation now but have one last question.

    Are there any specific settings I need to alter for it to boot from SSD and not HDD as...
  19. How to transfer OS

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    How did you go about transferring your OS please ?, is there a backup utility you used if so , which one please ?
  20. ROG G20AJ SSD upgrade ssd to Samsung 840EVO Worth it ?


    Having recently purchased am G20AJ with a 1tb HDD I was wondering if adding an SSD (840EVO) would yeald much of a performance increase and additionally has anyone successfully transferred os...
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