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  1. Does the gpu clock return to default after uninstalling gpu tweak 2?

    I tried overclocking my graphics card and now I wanted the default speed, would uninstalling ASUS GPU tweak 2 reset those settings to default?
  2. Nvidia Control Panel Only Shows 3D Stereoscopic

    Anyone know why the nvidia control panel options suddenly disappear with only 3d stereoscopic option available, this happens randomly when I reboot my computer and then realize every other option...
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    GTX 1080 Ti gaming mode or oc mode

    Just installed the asus tweak 2 on my computer with the Strix GTX 1080 Ti, just wondering if I play a lot of games and want the best performance out of it, should I be using OC mode or gaming mode...
  4. Is this normal? ??

    Is this normal? ??
  5. 75255

  6. I play fortnite with most of my settings set to...

    I play fortnite with most of my settings set to the lowest settings available, without pressing scroll lock on the external keyboard which activate the full fan speed for the g752, the temp will rise...
  7. I suspect something is wrong with the heatsink.

    I suspect something is wrong with the heatsink.
  8. This is the latest one for the G752VY, no other...

    This is the latest one for the G752VY, no other drivers have been updated since 2017 and that's only the bios and sonic studio I believe. Other than that the G752VY driver are pretty out of date.
  9. G752 unusual high temp (80 celsius) when gaming

    Today when I was playing fortnite my cpu reaches 80 celsius and my gpu also reaches 80 celsius which I found very unusual because it usually stays around 73 celsius, whenever the laptop temp reaches...
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    G752 mini display port sometimes won't work

    Hello, anyone know why the mini display port on my g752 sometimes won't work ??
  11. G752VY 6700HQ not able to reach 3.5ghz, stuck at 3.10ghz while in game

    I have the G752VY and when ever I play a game the cpu speed is always at 3.10ghz, how can I fix this??
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    Yea me too I am planning to build a new pc,...

    Yea me too I am planning to build a new pc, buying a gaming laptop was not the best decision I've made.
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    CPU temperature and usage on G752VY

    I have this G752VY with GTX 980M and 6700HQ for almost a year and a half now, I play a lot of overwatch and games in general, when I play overwatch the CPU and GPU usage seems to be unstable and the...
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    How to get 6700HQ 700CB score on G752VY ?

    How come some people managed to get 700CB score on their 6700HQ CPU and I am getting around 598, so how can I get it to 700CB because currently I downloaded the vbios and unlocked the bios for the...
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    G752vy gpu fan spinning slower than usual?

    About a month ago I replace my GPU fan because It wasn't working and now the fan seems to be spinning slower than usual when playing games like gta 5 or pubg. When I place my hand over the fan, there...
  16. How to improve gaming experience/gain some fps on G752VY?

    How can I improve my gaming experience on the Asus G752VY (GTX980M 8GB), I want to gain some fps if possible maybe 10fps in fps games.
  17. How to restore to Factory state on Asus G752VY?

    A couple months ago I clean install windows 10 and accidentally deleted the recovery partition, so whenever I Factory reset my G752 it took me to a blue screen with some options, similar to the...
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    Is the new Asus G752VY BIOS (304) any good?

    Recently I checked asus drivers website and saw a new bios which is 304 and was wondering if it's better than the 304 and in what way. thx
  19. Asus G752 laptop replacement when parts unavailable for warranty service?

    If my laptop is broken and there aren't any available parts to fix the laptop, Will they replace me with a new one If I still have warranty?*
  20. Why aren't there any updates for Asus G752VY Drivers ?

    Why aren't there any updates for the Asus G752VY drivers?, There is no update to the rog gaming center and turbo gear for this version. Or is the website outdated and I can find it somewhere in the...
  21. Is it normal that my laptop fans barely kick in when I play games like overwatch?

    The temperature reaches 67c but the fan is quiet and suspects that the laptop isn't running at maximum performance because I experience little stutters in game.
  22. What are drivers should I install after clean installing my Asus G752VY?

    I clean install my Asus G752VY windows 10 and wonder what drivers should I install besides obvious drivers such as 'Nvidia drivers'.

    *Sorry I didn't double check the title*
  23. Anyone got xtu on rog asus g752vy or any other asus g752? (my settings are messed up)

    Help please anyone got a screenshot of their XTU settings like this? picture below
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    How to reset windows 10??

    When I try to reset windows 10 it just gave me a blue screen with 2 buttons continue to windows 10 or troubleshoot option, when i press continue to windows 10 it says there was a problem resetting...
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    How to undervolt Asus G752VY?

    I want to know how can I undervolt the asus g752vy and the undervolt recommendation. Should I use XTU or Throttlestop?
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