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  1. Installing M.2

    When installing the M.2 drive you shouldnt need to take off the Heat sink on the CPU. Just remove the brace that is holding the big black brickthat helps cool the cpu and you can bend the cords of...
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    for the specs here it says 256 m.2 SSD X4

    This forum too someone said they tried it:...
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    m.2 SSD limit

    I was going to try the M.2 but also heard people saying they had overheat issues. If you are going to try be aware that the limit on the g20cb M.2 slot is 256 GBs.
    Also I saw they have created...
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    I had a picture on my phone of the motherboard and what I can tell the numbers are. H170 -p/g20cb/dp_MB
  5. SSD working

    Yes I cloned the HDD to the SSD. Not sure exactly what I did but finally got it working. Will include some of the things I did incase it can help someone in the future.

    I realized the other night...
  6. AHCI enabled

    Thanks for the feedback chilinmichael. I was able to follow the steps for windows 10 and the system is able to boot with AHCI enabled.(no more BSOD) But the system is still booting from the HDD drive...
  7. Update

    Yes the SSD is connected in the SSD bay above the DVD Tray.

    Update: I can now see the SSD in boot manager but am still having a little trouble. If I disconnect the HDD from the...
  8. G20CB new SSD install, doesn't show up in bios but able to connect in Device Manager?


    I recently purchased a 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD. I was able to get in installed into the SSD bay into the computer and plugged in the power cable and connected the SATA to the...
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