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    Any way to disable NVME in BIOS ?

    This is really annoying, what if you want to isolate 2 systems and you can't disable NVME? Is someone doing anything to fix this?! It is really important, to be able to do that and pretty basic...
  2. You have mistake on your website + feedback
    Under chipset drivers, there are instead listad Intel MEI drivers and MEI update tool doesn't work. Than i found out...
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    There is nothing like unlock . Btw...

    There is nothing like unlock .

    Btw firmware update installed successfully, but i have still old drivers:

    Wasn't that only software what installed Mokichu ?...
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    Intel ME update tool not working!

    when i try to update Intel ME with update tool i get message: Please check MEI driver is installed. I tried to do that manually that didn't work and i tried to put that on flashdisk and...
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    Intel i5 9600KF turbo boost not working!

    i have ASUS Z390 Gaming-i, and i5 9600KF, however turbo boost is not working. I read it allows only sometimes in real world usage to go above 4300 to 4600. However i had open HWinfo and it...
  6. LMAO, i know about vertical mount, i was so...

    LMAO, i know about vertical mount, i was so consumed by the issue, that i didn't think of it. You don't know my bad luck !!! I had previously mobo with faulty socket level and cpu jumped from it like...
  7. Chipset Heatsink is blocking gpu slot ???!!!!!

    I have and chipset heatsink is blocking gpu slot like wtf ?????????????????????????????????
    This is not even chep mobo and like name...
  8. ROG STRIX Z390-I Gaming manual is incorrect !!!

    i just got asus ROG STRIX Z390-I Gaming and manual how to install ram is completely incorrect. It shows to put ram straight into socket, not in a angle, like in a angle 0. In a straight line,...
  9. Is it possible to downgrade bios on ROG STRIX Z390-I gaming ?

    i have ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING, is it possible to downgrade BIOS, after you flashed to a certain version ? I see usually warning on mobo websites, that you can't flash back from some...
  10. Thanks for quick reply ! I am glad to hear...

    Thanks for quick reply !

    I am glad to hear it, because i read it is problem with some cases. Yeah i am buying ITX on purpose, because it has low DPC latency. Even these tests are relative and it...
  11. ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING - case compatibility ???

    i don't know why this mobo "ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING" has heatsink high as skyscraper. Is this mobo compatible with Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh ??? I didn't even find height of...
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