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  1. Anyone done this with BIOS 213 - Released...

    Anyone done this with BIOS 213 - Released 2019/06/25?
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    Did you ever find a Shorter 5# or 6# cable? ...

    Did you ever find a Shorter 5# or 6# cable?

    I'm looking to do this myself at the moment and the shortest one I can find online is 11#
  3. You can try these. (Standard rules apply, no...

    You can try these. (Standard rules apply, no warranties, no association, bla bla bla)
  4. Where to get a G751JY serviced in South Africa?

    I have a G751JY that's been going for almost 4 years now and I think it's time to get the fans cleaned and thermal paste replaced.

    The teardown process for the G751JY looks a bit over my comfort...
  5. Went with the guide from @chris_tronic (to add...

    Went with the guide from @chris_tronic (to add NVME support to the G751JY BIOS)

    Borrowed a...
  6. 960 Evo 256GB works

    Thank you again @chris_tronic for this great guide.

    Tested with the 960 Evo 256GB from my colleague. Worked like a charm. Did a Clean Windows 10 (1709) install from USB stick without a hitch.
  7. Thanks so much for this guide and all the links...

    Thanks so much for this guide and all the links to the tools.

    I managed to do all the steps and it still boots after flashing, and a subsequent dump and report of the now-running bios shows the...
  8. Thanks

    Thanks for the guide. (Links to MMTool don't get to a download page, only brochures)

    NVME is way over-prices down here, and as the G751JY only has PCI Gen 2, it would be a waste.
    If NVME drives...
  9. MMTool link

    Thanks for the awesome guide with all those details.
    Do you have a direct link for the MMTool?
    When I visit the link you provided I can only access documents about it, not the actual download for...
  10. G751JY AHCI-SSD: How much would you feel a downgrade to SATA3 in real world scenarios

    I have a G751JY with a factory fitted 256GB M.2 SSD (Model SAMSUNG MZHPU256HCGL-00004)
    It's an AHCI model and has served me really well so far, but Windows' folders grow and grow and I can only move...
  11. HWMonitor no longer showing fan speed on G751JY

    HWMonitor used to show fan speed, but no longer does so.
    Not sure exactly when this stopped. Could have been a bios update, a driver update, a HWMonitor update or a windows update.

  12. Signed

  13. Any way to remap cursor keys with FN pressed?

    I'm trying to make fn+up/down to page up/down and fn+left/right do home/end. Is there any way to achieve this?
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