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    Overclocking Guide For My Setup

    Hello all,

    I just recently upgraded my PC and was hoping someone could recommend a good guide for my setup. I have never overclocked before and got the X570 board to try it out.

    Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Really do appreciate your...

    Thanks for the reply! Really do appreciate your help! I was able to troubleshoot my hardware and everything is in working order, i was unable to complete step 2 since I do not see an option in the...
  3. M.2 and Mechanical Drives No Longer Showing In BIOS Or Windows Setup

    Hello everyone,

    I recently did a bios update on my B450-F build, I have 2 M.2 drives installed and a mechancial drive no longer showing. I really miss my PC and I have been trying to figure it out...
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    Sticky: new member intro

    hello everyone,

    just joined the forum to learn more about overclocking, water cooling, and how to fix my own issues with my build, hope to get to know everyone here more!
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