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  1. G751JT official eSupport for WIndows 10 64 bit - ISO Download

    For anyone who might need it, here is the official Windows 10 64 bit drivers installation disk (eSupport) for the ROG G751JT " G751JT_WIN10_64_V2.00".
  2. Just copy the link from my posting above (#3)...

    Just copy the link from my posting above (#3) into a new tab in your browser and the ISO image will download. IT WONT WORK IF YOU JUST CLICK ON THE LINK. YOU MUST COPY AND PASTE IT.
  3. G751JT - ASkit64.wim file (eSupport folder) available for download!!

    Hi guys,
    It took me a while but I finally was able to find a copy of the original "eSupport" folder for the ROG G751JT. I am making "ASkit64.wim" image containing the folder available for download...
  4. ISO download link / Download restriction workaround



    You can use the link below to work around the limitations of the site hosting the ISO image. NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT REQUIRED

  5. FINALLY an answer to this ordeal. You can find...

    FINALLY an answer to this ordeal. You can find the eSupport folder for the G751JT inside this WIM image:!M6wFUb6C!W4oQ5hUGdR6p8oPFjnEIe0WVspIpUk_V-irDkZ9NS20

  6. Thank you for your reply; however: Even...

    Thank you for your reply; however:

    Even so the drivers are online for download, the original software that came installed out of the box in the computer is not there; also,

    there is not a...
  7. ROG G751JT Backtracker "Backup of ASUS Driver/App" - USB Disk image needed

    [SOLVED] If there is anyone who successfully created the Backtracker "backup the ASUS Driver/App" from a ROG G751JT running the original Out-of-the-Box Windows 8.1. Can you please upload the image...
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