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    had same issues - but not anymore

    i´ve had the same issues with high cpu usage on LightingService.exe (up to 12% - which is - fair to say- more than what it needs, even on an highend cpu).

    i uninstalled armoury crate but the...
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    Sticky: hi

    hey guys, greetings from germany. im OCRaptor and i´m an all ROG enthusiast and got my whole build in ALL ROG.

    i´ve recently started a youtube channel to show something interesting about my...
  3. z370-f with stock 9700k - voltage too high

    hey guys, ive recently upgraded my 8700k to an 9700k. Its all stock (except XMP profile in bios).

    Im monitoring with HWMonitor and it shows my VCORE is 1.4v at its highest....also it gets very...
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