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  1. AVX Tests 100Mhz Lower than Asus UEFI AVX Target Specification - Clarification?

    Hey All,

    I'm trying to figure out why Asus UEFI says my target AVX Frequency is 3700Mhz, but in all my AVX tests (mainly Prime95) and any all cores only hit 3600Mhz.

    I have tried AVX offset at...
  2. Still looking for Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Install Help

    I ran into issues with the Non-Asus provided Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Installer. Mainly, it says my system is not supported if I first uninstall the ITBM software that Intel IME/Windows 10 installs by...
  3. Ok to install Intel XTU from Intel? Newer Version from Intel

    My Asus Prime Deluxe II offers the Intel XTU app on Asus' driver page, but there's a newer version from Intel. Any reason why I should use one or the other in this specific case?

    Thanks in advance...
  4. Thanks, Working for Asus?

    Hey thanks so much. Mind if I ask (just to be cautious about grabbing drivers/software from someone) do you work for Asus or?

    I've seen you post a lot of useful stuff on this forum so thought...
  5. Help Installing Max Turbo Boost 3 Asus MB Prime Deluxe II

    How do you install Max Turbo Boost 3.0?

    Asus offers a version in their download/drivers sections. Here is the file structure:
  6. XMP or Memory Overclock WITHOUT CPU Overclock

    Hey All,

    I would like to overclock my ram to at least the officially supported Intel spec for my 14 Core 9940x 9th gen CPU. Intel states 2666mhz support. I have the UEFI bios on a Prime Deluxe II...
  7. Asus Fan Extension II NOT EVEN ASUS KNOWS IT EXISTS. Anyone have it?

    Ugh, Asus is killing me right now. I've talked with 4 support people and 1 of them level 2 support.

    I'm just trying to lower the min speed of my 2 front DC 3 pin fans, but the Q-Fan won't let me...
  8. Assistance with Fan Extension II. Q-Fan Maxing Front Fan DC %

    Hey All,

    I just got an Asus Prime Deluxe II. It comes with a Fan Extension II expansion. I haven't seen a lot if any info on this extension revision. All the pictures online look different. This...
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