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  1. Aftr thinking about this a few BIOS revisions...

    Aftr thinking about this a few BIOS revisions back I noticed the asmedia popup in the POST but its been many months since I've seen it....must be due to previous BIOS versions.

    Also about the hot...
  2. BIOS 3204 installed now Esata drive is freezing system


    I just installed 3204

    For a year now Ive been using an external Sata HDD drive for backups. The drive is connected to a thermaltake BlacX dock and is connected via e Sata to my rampage...
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    Bah Humbug... Read the dump files. Seems to...

    Bah Humbug...

    Read the dump files. Seems to always point to the hal.dll and an NT dll file (its late don't remember the other name)
    Multiple crashes and freezes on a clean install with all...
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    WIndows 8 Dynamic Ticks Freezing issue


    A lot of people have been reporting windows 8 will freeze up randomly.

    Its been happening to me especially when using a web browser or when my computer idles a few hours. Ill come back...
  5. Rampage IV offset voltage help with 3930k @ 4.5GHz and other questions

    Hello all,

    First Post..wee

    Ive had a system running a 3930K @ 4.5 on a manual voltage of 1.34 since January of this year.
    Rampage IV extreme Mobo of course latest BIOS as of this typing.
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