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  1. If Asus is listening, it would be very much...

    If Asus is listening, it would be very much appreciated if you could update to a Beta Firmware through the ui. I know because it is a Beta Firmware that it might more complications for Asus, but with...
  2. GT-AC5300 Beta Firmware

    Firmware Beta was released. This beta Firmware does not show up in ui so it requires a manual flash. I have the GT-AC5300 in AI mesh with a RT-AC68U and am too hesitant to try a...
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    VLAN for GT-AC5300

    Security experts all over the industry and internet suggest separating your iot devices from your main network! Even the FBI has posted warnings and suggestions for the same thing! The main reason...
  4. GT-AC5300 New Firmware

    I logged into my router today to find this firmware only available through the ui. I have not gone through everything but, the main difference is the overhaul of the GUI. The GT-AC5300 now looks and...
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    GT-AC5300 Hardware Version

    I just received my GT-AC5300 today. On the box it says HW Version A. I was just wondering if there has been any HW changes, or is HW Version A the original HW Version release? My 5300 says it was...
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    In the interests of full disclosure, I must say...

    In the interests of full disclosure, I must say that I am returning the GT-AC2900 and replacing it with a GT-AC5300. The reason, for the current price of the 2900 the 5300 is on sale for $30 more. In...
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    GT-AC2900 Feedback

    I just purchased a gt-ac2900 about a week ago. I went out on a limb as I can not find any reviews or find feedback from people who own these routers. There is only the press reviews and that does not...
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