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  1. Driver update ?

    Not sure which drivers you are referring to. Looking on Asus website and it is still the same version since July:

    Are you using a...
  2. Bluetooth !!

    Interestingly, I was trying to hook up my cellphone to my computer through bluetooth and the wifi magically came back !! When I saw that, I stopped trying to do anything with bluetooth to avoid...
  3. How do you fix it temporarily ? I tried...

    How do you fix it temporarily ? I tried enabling/disabling the adapter, reinstalling the drivers but no success.
  4. Maximus VI Formula WIFI 802.11ac stops working after a little while


    For the second time, the 802.11ac mPCI combo stops working after a little while. First time I experienced it was a couple of days after having fresh windows 7 ultimate installed. Messed around...
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