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  1. Your device will never be listed as supported by...

    Your device will never be listed as supported by ArmoryCrate.
    I also use the PRIME B560M-K Mainboard, and I have been following this forum for more than 6 months. But nothing happened.
    In AiSuite3....
  2. Other Apss for only ARGB/RGB

    You can try with other apps SignalRGB, OpenRGB, JackNetRGB..
  3. Thread: Bios 1601

    by HungChip

    Always update Lastes, that is best!

    Yes, so, i always update lastest version. i don't care what new. So, all work every day. Every time i turn-on Mycomputer, Click and Click Check for update on every Application. all work fine.
  4. Me too, Maybe AC (Armoury Crate only support for ROG Product) !

    My Motherboard: Asus Prime B560M-K/CSM
    Windows 11 21H2 (Build 22000.675) Lastest Version 2022/05/11
    Bios: 1410 (2022/03/10)

    - Armoury Crate open Stuck Loading Screen.. Close and Re-Open can...
  5. Armoury Crate cannot control RGB-Strip Lighting Control!

    ArmoryCrate lastest 5.1.5 cannot control RGB-Strip Lighting Control on the Asus Prime B560M-K/CSM board.
    - ArmouryCrate cannot see device RGB-Strip Lighting Control (i am sure Enabled RGB-Strip...
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