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  1. Any luck with how to clean them pls


    Since i have messaged, i can see significant amount of micro dust collecting inside my ASUS ROG STRIX desktop.

    I see there is a service center near my locaion, do i need to take it there...
  2. Amaizing if this works... i want this on my ROG STRIX FLARE Keyboard

    Please tell me how you can accomplish this...

    I am facing a lot of bugs in the Armoury crate and Aura sync software. Also my devices are compatible in Aura creater...
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    Same issue only ROG STRIX GA15 Desktop

    I have an ROG STRIX Prebuilt desktop which came with ROG STRIX FLARE Keyboard and ROG GLADIUS II mouse, Aura creator says the same error "No devices available" but Aura sync works.

    Also individual...
  4. Thanks a lot

    Thank you for your reply, - I have PMed my sno - pls let me know
  5. Should we or should we not remove the sticker to open the side pannle for cleaning

    Thank you for your reply

    I have a side glass pannel and that pannel and the main tower is both pasted with a sticket that says "Read warranty doc before removing". I did read the warranty document...
  6. How to clean ROG STRIX GA15DH DESKTOP without voiding the warranty

    How to clean ROG Strix desktop without voiding the warranty

    The ROG Strix desktop is sealed with warranty sticker and i wont be able to peal it for cleaning inside the desktop if dust forms which...
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    Sticky: Hello Everyone

    I am new to ROG STRIX Family,

    Been a pc gamer since young age - i built all my desktops starting when i was in school till date. Due to the pandemic and the spike in GPU / PC component price - i...
  8. I think ROG keyboard are way better made than normal ones - Better get it checked


    Assume if you have a cheap keyboard and mouse, i would agree. But ROG stuff is way better both in looks and in hardware - yours could be a hardware manufactuaring issue - as in - the one key...
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