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  1. same boat.

    Same issue except non wifi CH7. Last working bios for me was 0804. I rolled back two days ago to 0804 to diagnose ram issues and sure enough first boot into windows all the corsair devices picked up....
  2. bios stable imo

    For me, once ironing out my ram issues this bios seems very good so far (with the exception of corsair devices still not registering).

    Got my new memory 3200mhz c14...
  3. 2304 is the first bios that is a different size,...

    2304 is the first bios that is a different size, 32mb vs 16mb for all previous bios revision. I wonder why?

    side note; is this forum super slow for anyone else?
  4. faulty ram

    ignore this information from me. It appears i have a faulty memory kit.
  5. I think it's to do with security enhancements...

    I think it's to do with security enhancements which goes hand in hand with chipset drivers?
  6. Not yet.

    I can't say I have since the suggestion to use 18.50.06 or later. I have reinstalled my gpu drivers which also uninstalls the motherboard chipset drivers and had no issues on a currently installed...
  7. New bios update 2304

    Version 2304
    2019/05/1714.66 MBytes
    1. Update AM4 ComboPI for next-gen processors and to improve CPU compatibility

    2. Fixed an issue with Precision...
  8. No go

    Updated to latest corsair software, not working. Pretty sure it's different to the standard unplug corsair cable try another header etc. Those instances from memory never find a usb device in device...
  9. usb still broken


    The motherboard is still having issues detecting the corsair usb attached devices. Namely PSU and Water cooling AIO, kind getting annoying now as the new ryzen chips are dropping soonish and...
  10. yes

    I can see PBO options and pstate controls.
  11. Sweet!

  12. update

    Awesome, seems the links have had the latest driver updated which is cool.
  13. Disappointing ASUS

    CH7 AU: Doesn't exist.
    CH7 US:
    -> No updated chipset driver.

    CH7 Wifi AU:...
  14. Chipset drivers

    how come amd's site doesn't have the latest chipset drivers?
  15. bios bricked

    I've had my share of bois issues in regards to no screen output and seeming the pc was bricked but in actual fact it had post and was sitting at windows OR the bios screen with an error.

    For the...
  16. V2008

    If anyone tried v2008 and has corsair link devices withing their system please let me know if the usb still drops out thanks.

    oh and BTW 2008 is out :cool:
  17. agesa 1006/1103

    I too am having issues with my corsair aio cooler and power supply after those bios updates. Both usb devices fail to detect and device manager just has an unrecognised usb device. Trying generic usb...
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