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  1. Sorry to be a pain but could someone link me what...

    Sorry to be a pain but could someone link me what I need to download? I can't even find my exact laptop (Zephyrus GA502) on the website! I just can't find the ATK package thing I need to download.
  2. Thanks dude, much appreciated!

    Thanks dude, much appreciated!
  3. New Windows 10 installation - No keyboard backlite?

    Hi guys

    I had to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop but have lost the white lighting when typing on the keyboard. I'm guessing it's just a driver issue of some sort, could someone link me to what...
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    ROG G20 Internet issue

    I activated a new VM super hub today and since then the speeds have been shocking. It takes forever to load up certain websites like facebook and my download speed was 1.8Mbps when I managed to load...
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    2560x1440 resolution query

    I currently have a ROG G20 that I plan to upgrade the GPU to a GTX 970 from a 760. Will I need something different to an HDMI cable to be able to play at 2560x1440 resolution on my Acer Predator...
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    Asus G20 query

    Hey guys!

    I just purchased the above from a chap in Germany that arrived today. I completely forget that unlike the UK most of Europe use two pin plugs. Will any EU to UK pin adapter do the job...
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