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  1. G75VW keyboard led does not work in any way

    Hello, I have the problem with the led lighting of the keyboard of this computer asus G75VW, I have tried everything and it does not work (this problem has been since I replaced my broken...
  2. problem with bios hdd encryption g75vw

    Hello, a while ago I put a password on the bios for the mechanical hdd, I really don't know what happened, but it doesn't let me remove the password from the hard drive, and if I remove the hard...
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    g75vw problem with led of keyboard

    hello, I have an asus g75vw, this model I bought 2d, but I broke the motherboard ..., I decided to buy a 3d motherboard and the monitor I changed it to 3d (with its cable too),
    everything works...
  4. g75vw no signal on monitor (in hdmi yes)

    Hello, I have a laptop asus g75vw, I had a 2d connector lcd cable, but I had to change my motherboard (it broke), I currently bought a new motherboard but it is 3d, well I can not receive signal on...
  5. duda entre revision de placa base portatil asus( no funcionan ciertos componentes)

    hola, tenia una placa base del portatil asus g75vw la placa era una revision 2.1 y funciona bien todo hasta que se me derramo algo de agua encima de la placa base limpiandola y nose ha hecho como un...
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    perfecto intentare instalarlo a ver si logro...

    perfecto intentare instalarlo a ver si logro encontrar algun driver, lo unico aun no lo he comprado , queria preguntar algo he visto que venden los asus rog en concreto el modelo "GL752vw-t4067t" he...
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    se puede meter Win7 a GL752vw-t4064?

    hola, estoy pensando en comprarme este portatil y queria preguntaros si alguien ha conseguido instalar windows 7 en este portatil asus GL752-t4064 t4065 t4070 ,
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    choose motherboard G75VW

    Hello, I have a asus G75VW, i7 3610qm gtx660m, the motherboard is bad water spilled over the mainboard when the cleaning and does not work, the model of my motherboard is rev2.1, I seen another rev...
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