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    Thanks for the detailed reply

    Thank you for the extensive advice friend. I was originally thinking of buying some budget NVMe SSD's (such as some Intel 660p's), but you are probably right in suggesting the Samsung SSD's. I like...
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    ROG G703GI-XS71 - RAID Help

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    So I had a question regarding RAID (as referenced by the title). I am quite new to...
  3. (Sorry for the extremely late reply)

    Sorry for the necro. But you my friend solved my problem! It appears that the Heatsinked SSD just barely will not fit after all. Thanks so much man!
  4. ROG G703GI-XS71 - WD Black SN750 M.2, does the heatsinked model fit and how to check?

    Head Note - (Skip to paragraph 4 for main issue)
    Pardon any improper formatting, as this is my first post on these forums. I will edit this thread if I did it improperly, so please bear with me.
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