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  1. Is working, thanks a lot!

    Is working, thanks a lot!
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    nvidia latest update version 381.65 issue

    hi guys, just to inform, i got brightness issues after installing the latest driver in my gtx980m so i went to the nvidia forum and got this
    "For users unable to install driver 381.65 on their Asus...
  3. question regardind what is recommended to do

    what do you exactly recommend? to do a clean install or to reset windows like the guy in this post? the result at the end is the same or is any difference besides clean install and reset windows?
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    I am agree with you Walter, no matter how much we...

    I am agree with you Walter, no matter how much we can take, rather, in how much we can give, I really hope this thread can help people who has the same problem, I think we must fight until we get...
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    G74SX Bricked Bios after update ...SOLVED!

    Hello guys, one week ago i was doing my normal life like most of you, and suddenly this asus live update gave to me this 203 Bios update, so i was thinking "why not?" without knowing all the...
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    Help please!

    Sorry for my bad english, one year ago, i bought a g74sx, everything was fine, but the same problem, i decided to update the bios 201 to version 203, and after that everything was death so please, i...
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