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    Removing the four sticks worked, so is it a bad board I should RMA? I hadn't heard about trying this and I am wondering if the board has always been the problem. I got one of the first boards from...
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    I have been fighting the same thing. I have a closed double water loop for my gpu's and my cpu. I have tried swapping out memory and lowering all of the settings on my G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series...
  3. Do you have a thread or reference to the problem...

    Do you have a thread or reference to the problem seen by many R6E owners? I have the exact problem and would like to have more information.

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    I concur

    I have been OC'ing my computers about the same time. This specific MOBO has caused me nothing but pain.

    I bought one of those Thermaltake Tower 900 cases, G.Skill DDR4 64gb 4000, best CPU at the...
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