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  1. Many Thanks Nate!. Great forum!

    Many Thanks Nate!. Great forum!
  2. Hoy to install best the memory in dual channel?

    *1 kit of two sticks with 16, Hi guys, Kingston DDR5 Fury WORKS GREAT with XMP in Z690 extreme. My question, what i have to do to fill the slot for dual channel? Or the better configuration? It is a...
  3. Glacial ok, non glacial and 64, not ok.

    Glacial ok, non glacial and 64, not ok.
  4. Fixed bu new ram - question for 1 kit of two sticks

    Hi guys, i’ve found a Kingston DDR5 Fury kit and WORKS GREAT with XMP. My question, what i have to do to fill the slot for dual channel? Or the better configuration? It’s a kit with two 16MB...
  5. Still not working

    Thanks for your help guys… i’ve done everything you’d said but the XMP profile or 5600mhz speed are not working (even raising up the volts)… try with only 2 modules and nothing… only works...
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    The Shamino’s 1101 version now works well with...

    The Shamino’s 1101 version now works well with SLI. For DDR5 Issues, i have to raise up my voltages for memory from 1.25 to 1.30 to execute the XMP profile specs (4 x 16 modules).
  7. Shamino’s BIOS 1101 OK for SLI

    I can confirm SLI now working with Shamino’s 1101 BIOS. I hope ASUS will release it as official and fix the memory errors with xmp profiles for DDR5.
  8. Thank you for the info, but not official BIOS

    Hi Braegnok, thank you very much for share this. it seems "unnofficial" dropbox version, it's from Shamino and i think that this great but Could you please explain if
    if we are going to violate...
  9. Corsair Dominator DDR5 5600 continue not working with 1003 BIOS version

    Going to Return this... Corsair Dominator DDR5 5600 not working with XMPI or XMPII profiles...:mad:
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    Problems continues

    I steel have the same problems:
    - SLI (NVLINK) not working.
    - DDR5 Corsair Dominator 5600 not working with XMPI or XMPII.

    Bad release... amazing in ASUS, i've never see this before...
  11. going to RMA - The SLI problem persists

    BIOS 1003 doesn't fix nothing, SLI (NVLINK) continues not working
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    Let me check it... can't believe it, i'm going to return it ASAP, i never had these problems before with ASUS... it's a great deception...
  13. the last chance

    I'm going to test the 1003 BIOS... if the problem continues, for sure i'll return it... SLI(NVLINK) doesn't works... DDR5 5.600 doesn't work... let me check the new BIOS version...
  14. going to test this - NEW BIOS VERSION - let's check it

    Version 1003
    2022/01/27 11.55 MBytes
    "01. Improve system performance and Window 11 OS stability.
    02. Update USB PD FW to 1.0F.
    03. Update Intel ME FW to...

    I can't use XMP 1 or XMP 2, hte computer only starts with "AUTO" setting. What can i do? (with this motherboard i have the problem with SLI/NVLINK that it can't be enabled and NOW the XMP with a...
  16. No news - bad news

    Maybe a temporal error... now everything on without updates, changes or info about the SLI/NVLink support...
  17. Day 0 SLI certification

    I don't understand, why a serious company as Asus cuold make a release of a very expensive product without the certifications and compliances that their mainstream users request... probably from each...
  18. When

    Somebody knows the date when the SLI/NVLink Support is going to be released for this motherboard?
  19. on the same boat

    Yes!, are there any ETA or BETA BIOS for SLI (NVLINK) users?
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