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  1. Flare X 8x8GB 3200Mhz CAS 14 - would this work?

    At the moment I have Zenith Extreme, 2990WX and 4 x 8GB RAM from G.Skill (3200MHz CAS 14). These...
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    BIOS stuck in Test NVRAM - Zenith Extreme

    Hi all,

    I have reset CMOS, and it went to default settings. After that I upgraded BIOS through USB port, and all went fine.
    Now, I have three disks, one is C: NvMe 512GB and two 2GB NvMe in...
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    Network Controller not recognized

    I have a similar problem. Received the 10GB card with Zenith Extreme mother board, installed it today, and with the provided drivers from Asus' web page only the card got installed I still have...
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    NVMe regular boot disk and 2xNVMe on dimm.2 in RAID 0

    I have a thread already open in another subforum, but I think I should have opened it here.

    My goal is very similar, but...

    1. NVMe drive on motherboard - OS drive not in RAID
    2. 2xNVMe drive...
  5. But what will be updated? How will Windows know I...

    But what will be updated? How will Windows know I want to user RAID with those two NVMes in the dimm.2 slot, and no RAID with NVMe disk on the motherboard?

    I have just tried to enable RAID for...
  6. I am running Windows 10. MBO slot - NVMe 512G...

    I am running Windows 10.

    MBO slot - NVMe 512G
    dimm.2 card - 2x NVMe
    SATA - SSD 4 TB

    Installed Windows 10 on NVMe 512G drive and I can see all the disk.
    Then I went to device manager and...
  7. Regular NVMe as OS and RAID0 on dimm.2 two NVMe disks not possible?

    I have three NVMe disks. One is 512G for the OS and two 2GB which I planned on using in RAID0 by installing them in dimm.2 card which came with Asus Zenith Extreme.

    It seems this combination is...
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