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  1. Sticky: 😆 I agree with veyron, lambo n f-type... civic??...

    😆 I agree with veyron, lambo n f-type... civic?? (It's a honda btw, and everybody knows that lol) where did that come from? Never mentioned any low-mid end mobo, just the apex & extreme. N the...
  2. Sticky: and an OLED display ;)

    and an OLED display ;)
  3. Sticky: Well, that's the challenge.

    Well, that's the challenge.
  4. Sticky: The ultimate of the Extreme

    I would like to see the ultimate x299 board. A hybrid between the APEX n EXTREME maybe? Cut out design, overclocking features of the APEX + the aesthetics and plethora of features (more RGB/s, OLED...
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