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  1. Turning on laptop: black screen, flashing keyboard and power button led

    Lately when turning on my laptop after it's been off for a few hours it has a black screen with flashing keyboard and power button led and it takes 5-10min of hard resetting to finally turn on...
  2. Sorry

    I had people private message me about this so I'll say it here too - I'm sorry, the option is still missing and I couldn't restore it. I will update my thread if I manage to do something or an update...
  3. Armoury Crate: Logo/LED-Stripe setting gone

    After an update the setting that turns off the Logo and LED-Stripe is gone from Armoury Crate, the other 3 settings (boot/awake/sleep) are still there.

    What I'm talking about is Armoury...
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