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  1. Code 00

    Mixing kits will get ya everytime!.

    Sell and rebuy a full kit.
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    x299 quad channel right dimm bank

    I can also state i have been having insane amounts of ram problems running RAM on the right side. Now i have not tried more than 4 DIMM slots, but i can say for sure i get constant blue screens...
  3. I had to RMA the board.. i have done quite a few...

    I had to RMA the board.. i have done quite a few bios flash backs, and using r6e.cap before this.. it seemed the bios chip needed replaced.. got the rma board back. Working great

  4. Code 00

    sadly.. I just went through this.. seemed the BIOS got corrupt and it effects both bios. I had to read the board. I tried absolutely everything! Sometimes it would boot when I plugged or...
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    Did you ever fix this issue?

    Did you ever fix this issue?
  6. Asus rog rampage extreme vi - will not boot, hangs on Bios is updating / code 70.

    I tried flash back with 300x and 150x bios versions.

    Last night it was stuck on code 00 for hours.

    I finally got it to switch bios again, and it is back on code 70 bios is updating screen....
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    Reply to n9t dead

    I had the SAME ISSUE! my fan header was not plugged in all the way! It was giving me code 00. I started randamly getting codes after every reboot 9r shutdown. I thought my board was dead. Turned...
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