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    Poll: ASUS RAMCache III Revisited!

    Last time I tried out RAM Cache III I Only had 16gb DDR4 which meant I could only cache around 2000MB which was ok but that meant I filled my current RAM usage up so it wasnt really viable. Ive now...
  2. ROG-STRIX-LC-RX6800XT-O16G-GAMING Status??

    I wondered if any reader on this forum might be able to help me with a nagging question about the: -


    I was originally in queue for Asus ROG Strix 3080 OC but...
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    R6EO & Win 10 Secure Boot, DG & CG?


    Ive run into this issue on multiple occasions since owning my R6EO, when ever i enable Secure boot and then try to enable Device Guard & Credential Guard in Win 10 I end up running into a...
  4. Im afrraid if asus dont rls something soon that glows the latest AMD hedt soon im sel

    Ive been a loyal ASIS RPG HEDP fan for generation now gut AMY has pulled ahead again. I was extrememly dissapointed with the perf from the x299 HEDT range compared to the AMD 7nm range, If something...
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    Same thing here too

    So I've been pulling my hair out for couple days wondering is my rtx titan screwed after only 2 months or not. Its only very very slight speckiling on black which I still don't know if the cards...
  6. Now I'm seeing hdd errors on my m.2_1 every...

    Now I'm seeing hdd errors on my m.2_1 every reboot it's doing chkdsk to repair my c drive.

    Smart says it's healthy, so I've no idea what my issue is now. I'm seeing freezed now when copying lots...
  7. Rampage VI Extreme Omega Freezing on SATA hdd high I/O??

    Really like my new Motherboard, most of my components were from my old setup which was a Rampage V Extreme. I have 2x M.2's now but I also have several Sata HDDs which are purely storage. But I...
  8. thanks

    Thanks for confirming that sort of PCH temp is normal?? Ive just got the rampage vi extreme omega with 2x m.2 disks under the coaling and i started to see that my primary m.2 a Samsung 970 pro was...
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