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    sli bridge help - longest cable

    so the build i have thats inside a desk im trying to have both cards flat and horizontal 1080ti oc
    from taking a measurement i would need an sli flex bridge thats roughly 8" or 205mm
    the longest...
  2. new build - Gears of War theme custom desk

    so i figured id finally start putting up some progress on the new desk for people to see, as far as i know this will be the first of its kind due to the entire inside being a 3d printed diorama that...
  3. Asus Dimm2 Riser Fan Mount/Cover *New print

    So when i bought my Rampage VI Extreme it didnt come with the fan mount for the DIMM.2 riser card...
    i called ASUS and was told i had to return an $800 motherboard for a $.50 part because it wasnt...
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