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  1. Error message when trying to change settings of ROG Ryujin

    And in general, it cannot be controlled via armory crate in any way - even though it is in the devices, any change spins for a long time and either an error shows (attached) or simply nothing...
  2. ROG Ryujin stopped showing harware monitor, it only shows animation now

    Looking forward to the fix...
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    It was fixed in the update released the same day...

    It was fixed in the update released the same day I posted it!
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    [Solved] Aura Sync with busy GPU

    Aura with "color cycle" setting has GPU (Asus ROG 2080 Ti) color updating once every 3-4 seconds when GPU is busy (i.e. playing any game).

    So instead of cycling as the other components it has...
  5. Thank you for the suggestion! Nothing has...

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    Nothing has changed after disabling fast boot. Another issue is when the live-dash on ryujin is set to system monitor (after restart), ryujin leds get un-synchronised...
  6. Asus ROG Ryujin misconfigured after cold boot

    After every cold boot ROG Ryujin ignores the configuration set in Armory Crate for its display and shows default animation.

    Opening its settings in Armory Crate fixes the problem in some cases,...
  7. Maximus XI Extreme with two ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti GPUs

    I currently have one RTX 2080 TI GPU and it very rarely gets any hotter than 70C, even overclocked to 2100MHz.

    I am considering adding the second GPU, but the top one is likely to be choked and...
  8. I have the same issue I guess I was luckier...

    I have the same issue

    I guess I was luckier that I had it installed and configured before, so it is "working" but I cannot change the configuration.

    Also occasionally it starts showing the logo...
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    Armory crate update - livedash issues

    I was also struggling with this update and it has more configuration issues:

    1. Live dash utility no longer works to configure displays of both XI extreme and of Ryujin.
    2. The configuration of...
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    Adjust fan curves in GPU Tweek?

    Are you sure that cards fans run at 70-75% and not the case fans? I also had the card heating up to 80C and then I changed the fan curves (for all three fans) in GPU Tweek (advanced mode) with...
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